Product & Therapeutic Category Overview*
As one of India's leading pharma companies Abbott
India Limited offers its Continuum of Care through
products that span multiple Therapeutic Areas. Many
of our products such as Duphaston and Thyronorm are
part of the Top 50 brands in the Indian
Pharmaceutical market (IPM).


Over the last few years many of our brands have shown
tremendous growth and achieved key milestones. Some of
which include:

Digene continues to be # 1 prescribed Antacid with over
5.5 million prescriptions annually. Approximately 29,000
doctors prescribe Digene every month.

Duphaston maintained its # 1 position in its segment
(Progestogen and similar combinations) and is a Top 50
brand in IPM.

Thyronorm was ranked 8th in IPM in December 2012.

Vertin jumped 13 positions from 112 in January'12 to 99 in November 2012 and entered the Top 100 brands in IPM.

Zolfresh moved to #2 in the Extended Sleep Market,
jumping 234 positions in a span of 2 years.

Digecaine has become the # 3 brand (Antacid + Local
Anaesthetic) in a span of 2 years.

* As per IMS MAT Dec 2012
Product & Therapeutic Category Overview*
Product & Therapeutic Category Overview*

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